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Let's Learn Together. 

Favorite Ways to Learn

Favorite Ways To Learn More

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“If you want to learn more while walking, doing housework, etc, this is an excellent podcast. The hosts are a journalist and a scientist and self described policy nerd. They are entertaining, informed and inspiring. I particularly recommend listening to the 5/7/21, 3/18/21 and 2/11/21 episodes.” - Preeti Jaggi

How To Save A Planet Podcast (Free!)


"Explains the climate crisis into 5 concepts: It’s warming, It’s us, We’re sure, It’s bad, We can fix it. It is about a 10-15 minute read, and it provides a great foundation for understanding the science.”  - Marishyl Ford Climate Science Basics

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“Hobart Stocking has been a climate activist and communicator for over three decades. His blog is an informative, engaging, clear presentation of what we can do right here in our own city to most effectively address the climate crisis.” - Lisa Coronado

Decatur 100 Blog

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Learn about climate change from your neighbors! Over 25 Decatur citizens participated in this video, with the goal of inspiring you to join them in taking climate action as a community. 

YouTube: Climate Change from Decaturites

Climate Solutions Basics

Climate Solutions Basics

  • Talking About Climate Change is a solution. Listen to Dr. Katherine Hayhoe talk about why. It helps elevate climate on the priority list.   

  • Drawdown: A great resource that maps out how we can limit and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Drawdown GA: This site applies Drawdown solutions right here in Georgia.

Things You Can Do in Your Hom

Things You Can Do in Your Home

Ways to Advocate Easier

Simple and Quick Ways to Advocate 

“For those ready to jump into climate advocacy on a more regular basis, this is a great app. It is super easy to navigate, and it provides a way to really quickly take action on issues that need immediate support. Bonus - trees are planted on your behalf as you take climate action!”  - Nancy Green 

Climate Action Now! App

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We put together representative contact information for you to keep handy as we advocate together. 

Know Your Representatives

Misty Slopes

Our Mission

To harness the power of collective action in our community to tackle climate change, air pollution, and other environmental impacts that harm all of us. 

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