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Hey Georgians, want to really make a difference for our state? Take 10 minutes and do something BIG for climate! 

Help hold our Public Service Commissioners (PSC) accountable for getting GA off fossil fuels as fast as possible. They help plan 2/3 of the electricity sources in Georgia!


The Integrated Resource Plan is being formed right now and will shape the next 15-20 years! Currently, it falls short of critical climate targets. We need your voice! 

Here is how you can make a comment:


Go to:
Scroll down to reach this section.

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Fill in here with this info as shown.

Docket Number:  44160 and 44161

Agenda Item: Integrated Resource Plan

Date of hearing: 5/25/22

Position: No Position/Comments Only 

3.  Add a comment. You can simply cut and paste the info below, just filling in your name and county.

(Note: If you have a bit more time, you can also personalize first with anything you are concerned about., e.g., Georgia having energy independence, cheap and safe solar, more energy efficiency, climate change, air pollution, more opportunity to make rooftop solar more affordable.)  


My name is xx (list any degrees) and I live in xxx County, GA. I am concerned about the continued use of fossil fuels in our state’s energy mix. 

The charge of the Public Service Commission is to make my electricity SAFE and REASONABLY PRICED.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report from 2021-2022 clearly states that the continued burning of fossil fuels is UNSAFE to human health.  Because it is UNSAFE, I advocate to STOP the use of any fossil fuels for electricity generation (including any natural gas, oil, or coal) by 2035. Solar is both an inexpensive form of electricity generation, SAFER than burning natural gas, and by encouraging rooftop solar, would give me the FREEDOM to create at least some of my own energy generation, if I so desire.

The public service commission should actively seek the input and expertise of DRAWDOWN GEORGIA, a public and private partnership in our state that has mapped out ways to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions.

I would appreciate a REPLY back to acknowledge you have received this comment. 

Thank you so much for taking action and making a difference!

This is a numbers game. The more comments, the more impact! Let's get the message across! Ask 3 friends or family members - middle and high school students can be particularly effective - to do the same.

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