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Community Champions and Partners


“I’m drawn to so many critical causes. And then it hit me, if we don’t solve this crisis, almost every other cause will become unbearably worse. I’m so excited to work as a community to impact real change.”

- Nancy Green

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As recreation professional, I have concerns about how climate change could impact both the wildlife in our community and the unhoused. As we advocate, I would like to see language around climate change that includes the unhoused populations during extreme heat and cold weather conditions .

- Greg White

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“As a pediatrician, I joined the challenge to help do what I know is best for my children and my as a community to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.”

- Dr. Preeti Jaggi


“I always come to Decatur to celebrate my granddaughters' birthdays. It is because of them that I signed up for the Challenge. I can’t think of a better gift to give them.”

- Janet Mauldin


"Decatur will look vastly different in ten years unless we focus on changing personal habits and adopting city-wide policies and programs to address the impacts of climate change."

- Sonali Saindaine


"I am an employee of the Sierra Club Georgia Chapter in Decatur and know when we advocate together we are more powerful. I hope that neighbors and friends of Decatur will join in action to a brighter future, because the time to act is now for climate justice in the fight for our lives. I joined the challenge as an advocate for myself and others"

                                                                                                        -Jillian Eller

Misty Slopes

Our Mission

To break the overwhelming climate crisis into bite size pieces and to demonstrate the power possible when people in one community take climate action together.

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