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Healthcare workers: we know that the continued burning of fossil fuels contributes to illness of today and tomorrow's patients.  

Our Public Service Commissioners will be voting on our energy mix on July 21. We need you to help them understand that the burning of fossil fuels is NOT safe for our patients. 


Subject: Public comment for docket 44160 and 44161

TAKE A LOOK AT THE CDC SLIDE ABOUT CLIMATE AND HEALTH TO GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS about how climate affects health before you start: CDC slide. 

My name is xx (list any degrees) and I live in xxx County, GA. 


1. Speak from your heart and tell them about the work you do and the patients you care for.  

2. Tell them that the burning of fossil fuels is not SAFE. Biomass is also not safe due to the particulate matter pollution.  

Thank you so much for taking action and making a difference!

This is a numbers game. The more comments, the more impact! Let's get the message across! Ask 3 other healthcare workers to do the same!!

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To break the overwhelming climate crisis into bite size pieces and to demonstrate the power possible when people in one community take climate action together.

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